金鱼胡同8号出发,目标地伦敦塔Introducing the Beefeater MIXLDN 7 China champion

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来自北京王府半岛酒店的Paul张子瑜荣获11月1日在上海Above The Globe酒吧举办的必富达金酒调酒师大赛中国区冠军称号。同其他分赛区的七位选手一起,这群金酒爱好者创作出了八杯诚意满满的鸡尾酒,向他们所在城市的活力和独特魅力致敬。

Paul Zhang from The Peninsula Beijing has triumphed at Beefeater MIXLDN 7, held on November 1 at Above The Globe in Shanghai. Together with seven other finalists selected via the regional finals, the troop of gin enthusiasts was tasked with creating a special cocktail that paid tribute to the unique vigour of their own cities.


Let’s have a peek at the creations:


With the stage set, the contestants readied themselves for the final hurdle leading to London. The energy was high and inspiration certainly not lacking. “I’ve found a new angle for understanding cocktails,” said Beijing finalist Lucky Luo. Lei Pan added, “This theme gave us freedom to explore our city, and a chance to love it even more.”

此外,选手们还和决赛的三位重量级评委:2016年全球总冠军Timothy Ching、必富达全球品牌大使Sumaiyah Connolly和上海苏宁宝丽嘉酒店餐饮总监Matt Myers有了亲密接触的机会。

Finalists also got to learn in person from Beefeater MIXLDN 7’s distinguished judges: 2016 champion Timothy Ching, Beefeater global brand ambassador Sumaiyah Connolly, and Matt Myers, F&B Director at Bellagio Shanghai by MGM.


On the finalists' performance, Matt said, “Paul’s cocktail to me was outstanding in its simplicity: four ingredients well blended to make great cocktail. I think it is important to have a cocktail that is practical and can be replicated in a bar.”

除了Paul的配方,其他参赛选手的整体表现和鸡尾酒出品品质也让评委们印象深刻。Matt对Kiwi石婧颖的表现大加赞赏。“你可以从她的作品呈现中看出来, 她很以她的城市为傲。看到有实力的女调酒师和男性同台竞争,我很开心。”

Besides Paul’s recipe, the overall quality of cocktails and performance impressed all the judges. Matt highlighted Kiwi Shi's performance. “She was very proud of her city and you could feel that from her presentation. I am happy to see strong women behind the stick.”


Paul’s drink No.8 Goldfish Lane was inspired by his work place, The Peninsula Beijing, which is located on No.8 Goldfish Lane, Beijing. “I’d like to combine Beijing’s genuine ‘drinking culture’ with my cocktail,” Paul said. “So I added jasmine tea, a beverage which carries the hallmark of Beijing.”


No.8 Goldfish Lane

50ml 必富达24金酒 Beefeater 24

15ml 柠檬汁 Lemon juice

30ml 葡萄柚汁 Grapefruit juice

15ml 自制有机茉莉花茶糖浆 Homemade organic jasmine tea syrup

10ml 杨梅利口酒 Chinese waxberry liqueur

张子瑜将代表中国大陆,于明年二月迎战必富达金酒调酒师大赛全球总决赛。等待全球总决赛选手的是一场参观必富达金酒蒸馏厂和伦敦最棒酒吧的VIP之旅,当然,伴随他们的还有一系列神秘挑战。总决赛冠军将有机会同必富达酿酒大师Desmond Payne共同创作一款限量版必富达金酒。

Representing Mainland China, Paul will work his magic at the global final in February next year. Global finalists will experience a VIP tour of the Beefeater distillery as well as visiting London's best bars, along with a series of surprise challenges. The global winner will also have a chance to work with Beefeater Master Distiller, Desmond Payne, to create a limited edition Beefeater gin.

“必富达金酒调酒大师比赛重点聚焦于酒的味道和灵感故事的叙述。”Timothy Ching进一步给Paul提出了参加全球决赛的意见。“家乡和伦敦的联系也要直接和强而有力。”

“The Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition mainly focuses on the taste, and inspirational story-telling,” said Timothy Ching, giving further advice for this nest step. “The connection between their hometown and London must be strong and direct.”


Congratulations to all the talented bartenders who competed. Let‘s wish Paul the best of luck in London!


金鱼胡同8号出发,目标地伦敦塔Introducing the Beefeater MIXLDN 7 China champion







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